HP-65 Emulator Ver 1.03

There have been a couple of changes to the HP-65 Emulator and one of these may cause some confusion.

Let’s do the easy one first. I mentioned it last time, when Ver 1.02 came out. I said that: “The new emulator correctly sets and clears f0”, “It works well for one of the two situations” and “There’s likely to be a small tweak after I fully trace the other code flow.” That work has been done and f0 works correctly in both cases. You’re unlikely to notice any changes as a result – it is mostly “under the hood”. If you’re interested, the details are in the book.

The second change concerns how programs display in Menu / Program. They used to look like:

001: 32
002: 51
003: 31
004: 43
005: 44

You used to be able to copy and paste programs in, or save them to regular files (via the clipboard). You also used to be able to edit program steps directly in that screen.

All that was great; but now the content looks like:

001: 32    : f-1
002: 51    : SF1
003: 31    : f
004: 43    : CLREG
005: 44    : CLx

Whilst it looks different, it still has the same functionality. You can still copy and paste. You can still save programs as normal files. You can still edit program steps in that screen.

The extra column is an automated “comments” column. It shows you the keys that were pressed to get the keycode in the middle column. If you change a keycode, the next time you open the Menu / Program screen, you will see an updated set of keys in the extra column.

Don’t make edits to that column. Just edit the keycodes in the same way you always did.

The line numbers in the left column are still there for convenience. You can add or delete rows, or move them around as you need and the emulator will renumber them for you. (Again, you need to get out of the screen and go back in to see the changes.)

You have always been able to paste in program steps with a third column. In the past, that third column got removed. Now it gets corrected if necessary and created if missing.

I find it helpful. I hope you do too.

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