HP67 Microcode Emulator

Have you ever wished you had a HP67 emulator that was a bit closer to the real thing?

Something that had the same idiosyncrasies as the real thing?

Something that pops up “Crd” in the display when the second side of a card is needed, like this:

Something that runs exactly the same way as the real thing, using the real microcode like this:

Something that lets you use those weird “non-normalized numbers” that you used to be able to use on special mag cards with the real thing, like this:

Well, now you can.

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2 thoughts on “HP67 Microcode Emulator”

    1. Page 42 of the HP67 manual explains how to switch between FIX and SCI.

      Note that it starts in FIX 2 so you should already be in FIX. You’ll see “0.00” in the display.

      To switch to SCI, press (click) [g] then [SCI]. The display should change to “0.00    00”. That’s 0.00 x 10^0. Key in 50 and press [ENTER] and you’ll see “5.00    01” (for 5.00 x 10^1 i.e. 50).

      Press [DSP] then one of [0] to [9], to set the number of decimal places e.g. “5.0”, “5.000”, etc.

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