The HP-29C Calculator

What is it?

In short, a Hewlett-Packard designed and built programmable scientific calculator.

It had 98 program steps and 30 memories. It wasn’t card-programmable, which was a pity at the time, but it did have “Continuous Memory” so it remembered the program that you keyed in – even after you switched it off.

See the hpmuseum page for more details. There is also a Wikipedia page for the HP-29.

Where do I get one?

They were discontinued in 1979 so you can’t buy one from the manufacturer anymore. They do crop up on eBay so that’s a good starting place. However, in many cases it is easier to get a HP-29 emulator.

How do I use it?

The Sliderule Museum has a copy of the HP-29 Owners Handbook.
At some point I’ll add some HP-29 Programs.

How does it work?

The following reference articles exist on the calculator internals:
HP-29 Scan Codes
– HP-29 Program Codes (coming soon)
– HP-29 Microcode (coming soon)

There is also more information in HP-29 articles.

HP-29 Emulators


An emulator for a HP-29 programmable calculator


A microcode emulator for the HP-29C, for Windows


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